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Women Rights (Honor Crimes, Hudood Laws, Sexual Harassment at Workplace and Violence against women)
Child Rights (Child Labor, Child Domestic Labor & Child Smuggling for Camel Jockeys)
Penal Reforms (Combating Torture, Access to Justice)
Senior Citizen Rights (Senior Citizen Act)
Labor Rights
Minority Rights
Prisoner Rights
Institutional Strengthening of indigenous mechanisms for protection and promotion of Human Rights (Advocacy for Establishment of NCHR)


    • We are working together in pursuit of the common goal of a just and tolerant society, free from all forms of extremism, where citizens have confidence in public institutions and are secure in the enjoyment of their fundamental rights.
      To mobilize Parliamentarians for the protection of Human Rights thereby restoring confidence of people of Pakistan in parliament’s ability to protect the rights of Pakistani citizens.
      To promote the strengthening of democratic institutions, at all levels, as the best guarantee of attainment of Human Rights.
      To hold the Government of Pakistan and the administration at all levels accountable for the protection of the rights of all citizens.
      To combat traditions, social practices and non-state actions which violate our shared understanding of Human Rights.
      To increase public awareness of Human Rights.
      To promote legislation that supports the attainment of the Human Rights guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan and international Human Rights instruments.
      To promote effective and timely means for resolving individual as well as collective complaints pertaining to Human Rights violations.
      To ensure that Pakistan complies with its obligations under international Human Rights instruments to which it is a signatory.
      To act as a focal point for Human Rights activities within the Parliament for the organizations working outside it e.g. NGO’s and other civil society organizations, active at all levels of Pakistani society.

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“Mobilizing Parliamentarians to make them effective defenders of human rights working along side local, national, regional and international human rights organizations and institutions engaged at all level of Pakistani society”

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In order to achieve its stated aims and objectives, PCHR operates in the following ways:

Using Parliamentary practices such as questions, call attention notices, adjournment motions and resolutions, to draw Government’s attention to Human Rights issues.
Enhancing legislation for the protection of Human Rights, by presenting private member bills, suggesting amendments and participating in the drafting of bills and in Parliamentary debates.
Conducting consultation with national and international experts and organizations to ensure that the parliamentarians are guided by all available expertise in the area of Human Rights.
Operating a citizen’s complaint cell where the parliamentarians themselves receive and respond to people’s complaints of rights violations.
Conducting research on various Human Rights issues and documenting the same.
Holding the Government organizations accountable for the grievances for which they may be responsible.
Participating in the security of public institutions with Human Rights responsibilities such as prison, police etc.
Conducting on the spot investigations of Human Rights violations and publishing the results.
Publishing reports on all aspects of Human Rights and the Commission’s contribution towards their protection and promotion.
Operating a secretariat to support all aspects of the Commission’s work.
Liaising with the relevant regional and international organizations.

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